About Legal Barcodes

Legal Barcodes is an authorized member of the “International Barcodes Network” (http://internationalbarcodes.net/).

The Legal Barcodes website was established in 2016. Our barcodes are guaranteed to work in USA but also internationally on many other platforms. If you want to order barcodes from us, you can pay on this website (by credit card or PayPal).

We are a family based business. Our team:

Our aim is to:

  • Supply reasonably priced retail barcodes (and other barcodes) to customers everywhere in the world.
  • To have local agents working for us around the world, where possible, to supply barcodes to local customers.
  • To assist customers in remote parts of the world to get barcodes for their retail products.
  • To provide information to customers about the different barcoding requirements in different parts of the world.
  • To help customers understand what type of barcodes they need.
  • To allow customers to purchase barcodes in their local currency, wherever possible (either by Interswitch Webpay, PayPal, credit card, or by bank deposit to one of our local agents).


You can read through our ‘Company Registration Information‘ to see the official details for the International Barcodes Limited company.

You can contact us if you need any advice about barcodes, or want to purchase barcodes from us.


Best wishes
The Legal Barcodes Team